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Exclusive Bridal Couture hits Fareham.

Posted by diamondweddingsandevents on August 27, 2014 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (41)

As lovers of all things bridal and more specifically beautiful dresses you can image how excited the team was when Para Siempre, opened its doors to the public earlier this year.

The fact they are the only stockiest in Europe of the most incredible and highly exclusive Riki Dalal Couture collection just made us fall in love with Para Siempre even more!

For those of you not familiar with Riki Dalal Couture, think the finest lace and brightest sparkles, if that does not have you excited, take a look at the website!


Even better Para Siempre stock their own signature label as well as other luxurious catwalk designers for bridal couture, prom/balls, bridesmaids, cocktail and evening dresses too!

Louise and her team are perfectly attentive, you can only have the finest experience in this boutique and leave ecstatic with your dress.

Other key factors to mention include

Offering 1.5hour long appointments, where the team take care of you and your party only!

Handmade gorgeous tiaras

Fabulous shoes


The most pleasant surprise is that you do not need a celebrity bank balance either as Para Siempre stock couture for all budgets. In short if you want the ultimate delightful experience choosing your dream dress then you head down to Para Siempre.

Para Siempre, West Street, Fareham, Hampshire

Telephone: 01329 286811

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parasiempre.bridal


Bridal Beauty - Skincare & Preparation

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With lots of you preparing for spring and summer weddings here is advice from one of our favourite experts on products to keep your skin flawlessly radiant on your wedding day.

VITAL if you don’t wear make-up normally, is to prepare your skin which means that your make up will sit correctly. Although it is best to get into a daily skin care regime, if nothing else have a good facial a few days before your wedding and apply a good moisturiser that is right for you skin type.

Take some advice from a professional there are house counters all over the country who will give you advice for free and you may find a little complimentary pampering too.

If you are having a Hen party overseas do not forget Sunscreen, there is nothing worse than a peeling nose in your wedding photos.

Recommended products from Daniela of Butterfly Bridal

• Clinique Moisture Surge

• Clinique BB & CC cream

• Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret Serum

• Primer (holds your make up and allows for a flawless finish for up to 12 hours)

Benefit ‘That Gal’ Primer

• Estee Lauder Idealist (A classic favourite)

REMEMBER: Skincare (Make up is only as good as the skin underneath

For expert advice on your skincare or make up please do not hesitate to contact our team or Butterfly Bridal


Author: Butterfly Bridal 

Editor: Diamond Weddings

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Invitations & Stationery ??? the dangers of mistakes when doing your own

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I am going to keep this one short….I promise!

In a sentence, if you want to ensure your spelling and grammar are correct, the right guests are sent the right invitations (evening or all day), please please let us help.

On a weekly basis I receive calls from Brides, Grooms and their families in distress saying that the old neighbour from ten years ago was accidentally sent an all day invitation and Great Aunt May from Australia only received an evening reception invitation, guests received another guests invitation and the big bug bearer guests paying for postage on collection because it was not checked by the sender. 

Firstly do not feel bad, if this happens, you are only human even if you outsource this vital task to your nearest and dearest remember they are also excited about your big day and I would hope emotionally involved enough, trying so hard to get it right for you but it goes wrong. You are organising a complex event. Let your invitations go to the right people with the right information by giving this task to us today.


Author: Diamond Weddings

Editor: Diamond Weddings

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Photography real pro's

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I make no secret that I fell in love with my own wedding pictures done by Suzanne back in 2010 and have worked very closely with one another to further develop her offerings and photography services over the last few years.  Having spent much time learning about photography and how important it is to have the right photographer or photography team on your wedding day, I cannot express how important it is to have a true professional in place to capture your most incredible moments. With basic packages starting at less than £500 and 10% off when you book through the team here at Diamond Weddings, you have to at least contact Suzanne!

We all know someone with a really good expensive camera who took pretty good photos at a wedding recently, whatever you do unless the person is already a professional photographer do not be tempted by this option, you could encounter some unexpected problems and find your photos are just not a great reflection of the day.

Forever we are talking about how photography prices are going higher than the brides couture in more and more cases. This image really sums up what you are paying for with a professional photographer, of course on top of that you have back up equiptment, possibly an assistant and Publc Liability Insurance. 


The choice is yours.....it the risk worth it?


Author: Diamond Weddings

Editor: Diamond Weddings

Photography: SeG Wedding Photography

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Your bridal gown, an exclusively designed one off

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Design your own dress and have it made need not cost the earth when you work with Deerhobbes Bridal, Southsea.

The most important piece of clothing you will ever wear in your entire life is your wedding dress. Whilst we love all bridal couture there is something that makes you feel all warm inside knowing that when the question of ‘Who are you wearing’ comes up you can amaze people by replying with ‘I am wearing me’. The snobbery around who is wearing the better designer amongst brides you come across vanishes, it does not apply to you. More than that you won’t find yourself ever worrying about having the same dress as your cousins best friend or even worse the girl in the office who is just that bit skinnier than you! The best bit because you are the designer, you can totally express your own personality and show off your hidden flair for fashion design.

If you are anything like me your attempt at a stick man looks like a 2 year olds Picasso and knowing whether you would look better in an A Line or a Fishtail dress is a dilemma. How to solve it, try on dresses, lots of dresses, as many as you can until you have collated enough ideas that the only thing you can’t do is draw your incredible gown you have created in your mind. Then find a professional specialist, we recommend Luping at Deerhobbes Bridal in Southsea, her creations are amazing and she will listen to your requirements and put your creation on to paper. Deerhobbes will work with you every step of the way to the smallest detail and of course your dress will be made to your own measurements, which means that you save on the cost of steaming and alternations.

The price? As with anything else if you want lace from Belgium and the finest silk and Swarovski crystals then your perfect dress is going to cost substantially more than it otherwise would. The main thing is at Deerhobbes Bridal you get what you want and the team are flexible enough to make any detail changes you may wish to make.

If course you will need a fabulous pair of customised bespoke shoes to go with that incredible dress of yours....Deerhobbes take care of that too.


To peruse the amazing collection or discuss bespoke services at Deerhobbes Bridal you can contact them via Facebook too!


Author: Diamond Weddings

Editor: Diamond Weddings

Photography: SeG Wedding Photography

Make up: Butterfly Bridal

Hair: Leanne Hinks 

Bouquets: Weddings of Distinction

Tiaras: Elisa Loves

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Winter Vintage.

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On a cold Sunday morning we gathered in a beautiful suite often used for civil ceremonies at The Royal Beach Hotel, for our first official bridal photo shoot.....with a vintage twist that has been so prominent in this year’s weddings all over the world!

With a lot of the team surviving on adrenaline alone we soon found ourselves completely submerged in the task at hand and it was incredible to have everyone together working toward the same goal….to complete a show case for everyone involved.

To achieve our A-Team for this project, we applied the same ethic as we do with our clients – to provide a bespoke team based on the client specification. Well we really pulled out the most fabulous and brought the best suppliers for our Winter Vintage Photo Shoot as I am sure you will agree.

Cake courtesy of Camellia Cakes

Photography by SeG Photography working with amateur fashion photographer Danielle Williams

Make up courtesy of Butterfly Bridal

Unique Couture courtesy of Luping @ Deerhobbes Bridal

Hair by Leanne Hinks

Hair pieces, tiaras etc by Elisa Loves

Flowers from Weddings of Distinction

Props, decorations and everything else, of course that is us – Diamond Weddings! Our new range of chocolate edible candles also managed to sneak in an appearance. We also were extremely honoured and privileged to have Alyssa, Sara, Donna and Lara modelling throughout the day – A HUGE THANK YOU ladies from all of us!

Over the next few months we will be feature blogging each of these incredible businesses and of course look forward to working with many brides and grooms in 2014 and even more excited about the ‘secret location’ planned for our 2014 winter photo shoot. If you cannot wait CONTACT US today for your free consultation and advice guide.


Author: Diamond Weddings

Editor: Diamond Weddings

Photography: SeG Photography


(DISCLAIMER: All trademark material mentioned, including but not limited to Camellia Cakes, SeG Photography, Butterfly Bridal, Deerhobbes Bridal, Weddings of Distinction, Leanne Hinks, Elisa Loves and associated collections and remains the property of their respective owners)


Perfect wedding venue

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Imagine saying your wedding vows in a timeless Victorian location, overlooking the beach with classic décor and opulent chandeliers hanging from the ceiling…..guaranteed to give your wedding the WOW factor. The Best Western Royal Beach Hotel in Southsea, may not be the venue that immediately springs to mind but it should be! 
As the Great Gatsby Vintage trends continue into 2014, why consider anywhere other than this genuine Victorian hotel as your starting canvass to create your own perfect and magical wedding. In the last year, the hotel has undergone major redecoration in fact when I was recently at the hotel a customer said ‘Wow, the hotel has been transformed beautifully since we had our wedding here’. 

The historical value of the hotel continue with all of the suites named after Royal Navy vessels reflecting the city’s proud heritage, yet has everything you expect from the world’s largest hotel brand – Best Western. Onsite parking is free, not only for your guests staying overnight but for all those attending your special day. Have people travelling from afar? Be reassured they will feel taken care of and have all of their needs met by the staff and services available.

So the Best Western Royal Beach Hotel may lack traditional gardens for photos but who needs a garden when you have the naturally beauty of the beach, even in winter any good photographer and your supplier team will know this and will cater to beach photographs. Not to mention the nearby famous ‘Arches’ in nearby Old Portsmouth or mix it up a little at the stunning Southsea Rose Gardens & Canoe Lake. The Best Western Royal Beach Hotel location really does allow more options than most other similar venues locally.

I have saved the best part for last…the people. When you book your wedding whether it be your reception, ceremony or both you will be welcomed so very warmly by the whole Best Western Royal Beach Hotel team. It is like being welcomed into a happy family, where each member is completely focussed on your wedding day, with an entirely proactive attitude. In the last fifteen years of organising events, we have seen people pay a lot of money for this level of service, yet at The Royal Beach Hotel, it is the culture and you do not pay the earth for impeccable service. The Best Western Royal Beach Hotel retain their staff which means that they maintain good relations with local suppliers to get you the best deals possible. Davina and the team know the answers to your questions because they know how the hotel functions and operates and have strong credibility with businesses in the area.

You have everything you need at The Best Western Royal Beach Hotel, they can do everything you want for your wedding day and you will be overjoyed with the value for money and service the team provide.

Contact Davina or James at Best Western Royal Beach Hotel today, for your no obligation wedding consultation.
Tel: +44 (0) 2392731231

Author: Diamond Weddings
Editor: Diamond Weddings
Photography courtesy of Best Western Royal Beach Hotel.

(DISCLAIMER: All trademark and Copyright material mentioned, including but not limited to The Best Western Group, The Best Western Royal Beach Hotel and Diamond Weddings remains the property of their respective owners)

Cake cake and more cake

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Finding the perfect wedding cake for your winter wedding is quite a challenge especially with the wide variety of cakes available and then there is the icing, decorations and toppers. Before you know it you are in a small minefield of terminology, with all sorts of bakers and confectioners offering you their wonderful creations and designs, with the worst thing being that you like if not love all of them.

For this blog we have written a guide to make clear the differences and give you an insight to our own offerings this winter. If you are looking for a wedding cake that will not break the bank....then look no further than our very own wedding cakes starting from £99 for a two tier! 

Firstly we cover cake;

Fruit: The traditional cake containing currants, raisins, sultanas, orange zest, cherries and candied fruit peel. Often combined with a covering of marzipan before the icing is laid over. You can have fruit cake iced without marzipan if you prefer, if your baker refuses to do this then chances are you may wish to look at another baker and confectioner that will.

Vanilla Sponge: A light sponge cake made with vanilla essence. Commonly used as an alternative to fruit cake. Strawberry, lemon and coffee cakes are alternative sponge cakes becoming increasingly popular. Why not have different flavours on each tier.

Chocolate Sponge: Our most popular and also our most complimented cake. Try before you buy is our tip with chocolate cake, some bakers use different methods and cook with different quantities which gives a different depth and flavour of the chocolate.

Red velvet: You will find most red velvets are made vanilla with red food colouring to give the deep colour of the cake. We use the traditional alternative using red beetroot and cocoa combination and then layer with your chosen filling.

Carrot: If your convinced that you may just get one of your five a day veg from carrot cake, then this could be an option for you. The main ingredients are flour, eggs, sugar, nutmeg, allspice and yes you guessed it carrot.

Cupcake: Also known in Britain as the Fairy Cake, often done in vanilla sponge or chocolate and decorated. It has become popular in recent times to use muffin sized Cupcakes as an alternative to a big wedding cake. This trend has lead into an art and there are many suppliers offering couture cupcakes.

Cheesecake: Yes, quite literally cheese….instead of having a sweet treat how about a savory. You can choose your favourite cheeses and have them stacked just like a wedding cake. Fabulous if you are having cheese and biscuits!


Secondly fillings;

Buttercream: Butter based creamy sweet filling

Fruit: Fresh fruit or fruit jam

Vanilla: light vanilla creamy filling

Chocolate: We love our white chocolate filling, a dense chocolatey experience, which enhances

Coffee: The same as vanilla but with a hint of coffee.

Cheese frosting: Not to go with your cheese wedding cake! This is made from a soft cream cheese and icing sugar. Compliments our chocolate cake perfectly but is commonly used with a red velvet or carrot cake.

Thirdly we come to icing;

Royal: Pure white icing which when dry is very hard and is traditionally used for wedding cakes over the marzipan but you can use on its own.

Ganache: Pure chocolate decadence, in white, milk or dark chocolate.

Glace: A runny icing drizzled over cakes gives a thin iced effect. Works especially well with cupcakes.

Poured Fondant: Remember having pink, yellow and brown fondant fancies as a child. Reminisce with the same icing on your cake.

Pastillage: A very hard setting icing, perfect for structural decoration.

Sugar paste/ rolled out icing/ regal icing: A soft pliable icing, used on most wedding cakes


Lastly Decorations:

Let your heart and mind go wild, this is the part where you can really personalise your cake, so here are a few our idea from our very own leader on topping trends for your winter wedding cake

Flowers; fresh, artificial, edible


Sparkle, glitter, diamante

Feathers, lace and fur

Chocolate drops/shapes and sweets

Fruit, fresh, artificial, edible


Marshmellow....plus anything else you can think of!

Contact us today to take advantage of your free consultation and you can take advantage of our specialist range of wedding cakes starting from £99 for two tiers (including delivery within a 15 mile radius of our Fareham bakery)

 Follow us on Twitter @diaweddings for a further 10% off your order and like our Facebook page for the chance to win some of our edible candles.

Winter 2013 Bridal Make Up (from Butterfly Bridal)

Posted by diamondweddingsandevents on August 27, 2013 at 3:40 PM

MAKE-UP Trends 2013/14 Winter Season

Written by our expert Daniela Logan

With winter fast moving in it is that time of year to start thinking about your all important picture perfect look for your wedding day. We will shortly be visiting skin care and how to prepare your skin perfectly for your special day but for now enjoy the all make up oracle Daniela, guide you to the perfect winter looks.

Contact us today if you would like a no obligation consultation

Moving on through the season from summer through to autumn and finally winter we should see a colour change in any bridal make-up pallet to reflect the changing season. This winter there are two distinct make-up trends I believe will be a big hit amongst style conscious winter brides.

Trend 1 - Nude Vintage:

This trend was inspired by the Bobbi Brown 2013 Navy and Nude collection. Made famous by the gorgeous Katie Holmes. This collection demonstrates flawless skin with a long last warm foundation as the base. Subtle blush and nude lips. It is possible to keep the eyes neutral or use a light navy or grey colour to give definition with a long last eyeliner and perfect lashes to finish the look. This is a light look that is possible for any bride to use and can be easily converted from a day to night look.

Trend 2 - Colour Splash:

This trend is headlined by fashion houses Lancome and Christian Dior and continues on the trends of the Bafta and Oscar's beauty looks. It is a full on colour look with dramatic lips and eyes. This is a slightly unusual trend for bridal make-up but with films such as The Great Gatsby making a huge impact this year and with 1940's war time chic and 1950's glamour still making a huge impact on the wedding industry this look creates an interesting twist on the vintage look. This look is full of old style Hollywood glamour and can be easily a day and night look for a daring bride looking to dazzle and make a huge impact with her guests and groom on her special day!

Products I will be adding to my kit and making my must have products of the season are;

* Doublewear Radiance foundation by Estee Lauder (8 hour plus foundation)

* Bobbi Brown Nude and Navy collection: Eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer, lipstick and gloss, eye liner and mascara

* Lancome Hypnose Show Collection: Lipstick, lip gloss, bronzer and waterproof mascara

* Christian Dior Mystic Metalics Collection is a MUST HAVE! The metalic eyeshadow is perfect for a winter wedding with a silver or white theme.

* MAC Metallic pigment eyeshadow will give sparkle to eyes that creates a frosty wintery look.


Colour trends for 2013/14 Vintage Winter Weddings...

* Silver

* White

* Red

* Navy

* Emerald and Teal Greens

Winter weddings are a personal favourite what a wonderful time of year to celebrate your love with friends and family on your special day. Have fun with your Make-up but above all else make sure you feel comfortable and have as many trials as necessary to make sure your make up is a sure fit! 

Congratulations Winter Brides your going to look Amazing!

Author: Daniela Logan Butterfly Bridal make-up

Editor: Diamond Weddings

(DISCLAIMER: All trademark material mentioned, including but not limited to Lancome, Bobbi Brown, Christian Dior and associated collections and Ambassadors remains the property of their respective owners)