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Cake cake and more cake

Posted by diamondweddingsandevents on October 14, 2013 at 4:15 PM

Finding the perfect wedding cake for your winter wedding is quite a challenge especially with the wide variety of cakes available and then there is the icing, decorations and toppers. Before you know it you are in a small minefield of terminology, with all sorts of bakers and confectioners offering you their wonderful creations and designs, with the worst thing being that you like if not love all of them.

For this blog we have written a guide to make clear the differences and give you an insight to our own offerings this winter. If you are looking for a wedding cake that will not break the bank....then look no further than our very own wedding cakes starting from £99 for a two tier! 

Firstly we cover cake;

Fruit: The traditional cake containing currants, raisins, sultanas, orange zest, cherries and candied fruit peel. Often combined with a covering of marzipan before the icing is laid over. You can have fruit cake iced without marzipan if you prefer, if your baker refuses to do this then chances are you may wish to look at another baker and confectioner that will.

Vanilla Sponge: A light sponge cake made with vanilla essence. Commonly used as an alternative to fruit cake. Strawberry, lemon and coffee cakes are alternative sponge cakes becoming increasingly popular. Why not have different flavours on each tier.

Chocolate Sponge: Our most popular and also our most complimented cake. Try before you buy is our tip with chocolate cake, some bakers use different methods and cook with different quantities which gives a different depth and flavour of the chocolate.

Red velvet: You will find most red velvets are made vanilla with red food colouring to give the deep colour of the cake. We use the traditional alternative using red beetroot and cocoa combination and then layer with your chosen filling.

Carrot: If your convinced that you may just get one of your five a day veg from carrot cake, then this could be an option for you. The main ingredients are flour, eggs, sugar, nutmeg, allspice and yes you guessed it carrot.

Cupcake: Also known in Britain as the Fairy Cake, often done in vanilla sponge or chocolate and decorated. It has become popular in recent times to use muffin sized Cupcakes as an alternative to a big wedding cake. This trend has lead into an art and there are many suppliers offering couture cupcakes.

Cheesecake: Yes, quite literally cheese….instead of having a sweet treat how about a savory. You can choose your favourite cheeses and have them stacked just like a wedding cake. Fabulous if you are having cheese and biscuits!


Secondly fillings;

Buttercream: Butter based creamy sweet filling

Fruit: Fresh fruit or fruit jam

Vanilla: light vanilla creamy filling

Chocolate: We love our white chocolate filling, a dense chocolatey experience, which enhances

Coffee: The same as vanilla but with a hint of coffee.

Cheese frosting: Not to go with your cheese wedding cake! This is made from a soft cream cheese and icing sugar. Compliments our chocolate cake perfectly but is commonly used with a red velvet or carrot cake.

Thirdly we come to icing;

Royal: Pure white icing which when dry is very hard and is traditionally used for wedding cakes over the marzipan but you can use on its own.

Ganache: Pure chocolate decadence, in white, milk or dark chocolate.

Glace: A runny icing drizzled over cakes gives a thin iced effect. Works especially well with cupcakes.

Poured Fondant: Remember having pink, yellow and brown fondant fancies as a child. Reminisce with the same icing on your cake.

Pastillage: A very hard setting icing, perfect for structural decoration.

Sugar paste/ rolled out icing/ regal icing: A soft pliable icing, used on most wedding cakes


Lastly Decorations:

Let your heart and mind go wild, this is the part where you can really personalise your cake, so here are a few our idea from our very own leader on topping trends for your winter wedding cake

Flowers; fresh, artificial, edible


Sparkle, glitter, diamante

Feathers, lace and fur

Chocolate drops/shapes and sweets

Fruit, fresh, artificial, edible


Marshmellow....plus anything else you can think of!

Contact us today to take advantage of your free consultation and you can take advantage of our specialist range of wedding cakes starting from £99 for two tiers (including delivery within a 15 mile radius of our Fareham bakery)

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